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One day you will probably be old and spend most of your time sitting in a chair and not doing much.
Until then, gather experiences to think back to and smile!

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Bringing back the Console to .NET for Windows Store Apps – A fully Immersive Console

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Some of my friends already know that I have been working on something new over the last few months. Having helped shipping Windows 8, its Store App runtime for .NET applications, and the Async language and Framework features in .NET 4.5 was an awesome experience. I am very proud of our work. But over the last several moths I worked on something new – first a side project, it has now become a full feature. I wished I could have done this as a part of the .NET Team, but resource constraints and business priorities did not make this possible. Today I can talk about it publically, as my own boss. Exciting!

I continue working very closely with the Framework teram, and together we are announcing todfay a crucial update to Windows 8 Store App API Framework.


Happy New Year!!

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We wish EVERYONE a merry holiday season and a
Happy New Year 2013!
— Greg & Stacy.


Мы желаем ВСЕМ весёлых праздников и поздравляем
с Новым Годом 2013!
— Гриша и Настя.


Wir wünschen ALLEN fröhliche Feiertage und ein
Glückliches Neues Jahr 2013!
— Greg & Stacy.


Happy New Year 2013 from Greg and Stacy!
Happy New Year 2013 from Greg and Stacy!

Waiting Can Be Fun, or Asynchronous Programming for Windows Store Apps.

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Asynchronous programming is one of the central themes of the .NET Framework 4.5 release. The async and await keywords in C# 5 and Visual Basic 11 bring a new quality to working with asynchronous code. I had heaps of fun working on the underlying technologies.

The Windows Runtime (WinRT) has also adopted the asynchronous programming model. The WinRT APIs, introduced in Windows 8, are central to writing Windows Store Apps. WinRT async APIs are different than the .NET Task-based async APIs. However, you can use WinRT async APIs as seamlessly as pure .NET APIs, with the same keywords and the same usage principles. In this article I go into detail on how you can do that.

I review the most important types in the WinRT async infrastructure, and how they relate to similar .NET concepts. After that I walk over creating a complete Windows Store App with several different asynchronous operations. I show how to start asynchronous operations, how to retrieve results, and how to work with cancellations and progress monitoring.

Want to know more? Read on..

My sample App can be downloaded from MSDN.

This article assumes that you have a basic familiarity with using the async and await keywords with .NET APIs in C#. Thanks to Rich and Brandon who helped with the editing, upload and publication or this article.


Async Targeting Pack for Visual Studio 2012 released

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Update (Feb 2013): Late last year my colleagues published a new version of the Async Targeting Pack, titled "Microsoft.Bcl.Async". It adds support for Windows Phone 7.5 and the Portable Class Libraries.
[More info on the BCL blog]
[NuGet page for the Microsoft.Bcl.Async package]

Original post:
One of the things I have been working on over the past year or so is the end-to-end experience with Asynchronous Programming in the .NET Framework. This is a very large effort involving dozens of people. Today I'd like to advertise one component of this experience we have recently released:

The Async Targeting Pack for Visual Studio 2012 is now available for .NET 4 and Silverlight 5.

The Async Targeting Pack (available via NuGet) allows Visual Studio 2012 to use the new async / await language features in projects that target .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 5.


Dear Spammers!

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Hi all,

I really would like to get this off my chest. I know that many people feel similar, so I won't hold back the right words..

Dear spammers!
You are a bunch of poor dirty motherfuckers and the world would be so much better if only one of you choked on a piece of shit and died. I create capchas, and you have nothing better to do in your sad lives than wasting time and spamming people manually. I delete all your posts within a few hours, yet you keep trying just to cause pain. You do not engage in legitimate business; you waste people's time and make internet a worse place to be and to do business in. You are simply incapable to do better. You are sad little wankers and I wish you all sent to a remote island where you can suck on each other until your dicks won't need any more enlargements and you can go do normal jobs. Please leave the universe at your earliest convenience.
Thank you!


Stacy and I are getting married

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I am so very happy to let you know that in a couple of weeks my princess - Anastasia - will become my Queen!

Please come and celebrate the occasion with us!

Greg and Stacy in a sea of red tulips

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